How will the results of the EU Referendum affect my season?

Will Brexit affect my chance to work overseas in Europe this coming winter?

No. Because there is expected to be at least a 2-year period of complex UK-EU negotiations before we officially ‘leave’ the EU, there are currently no changes expected to the recruitment opportunities or contract & payment structure for the winter season 2017/18. You are just as free to move between the UK and the EU now and over the coming year as you were before the vote, and we are therefore recruiting absolutely ‘as normal’ for the coming season.

What about the longer term future then?

The only honest answer anyone can give you at the moment is ‘Who knows?’  As noted above, the exit negotiations are expected to take a full 2 years though, so our understanding is that Summer 2017 and Winter 2017/18 overseas resort jobs will also remain unchanged.  Beyond that 2 year outlook, things are less clear, but we have been recruiting overseas staff for over 50 years, through all sorts of political and economic upheavals along the way, and whatever the future holds, we will find a way to keep offering the brilliant life and career experiences that our resort jobs have always provided.

Will it be more expensive to work overseas?

Not significantly, since your remuneration package already includes all the normal ‘big ticket’ living costs, such as travel to/from resort, accommodation, your main meals, insurance, and of course your season lift-pass and ski/boot/snowboard rental.  So although your spending power while overseas is naturally affected by the strength of the pound, this only really affects incidental costs like drinks and other shopping. Plus don’t forget that even though the current situation is unsettled, the pound is still a lot stronger now than it was two years ago, when it was at parity (ie. £1 = €1) with the Euro!

What about my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)?

You can still use your EHIC card abroad, and there will be no immediate changes to using your EHIC card this winter. Arrangements between the UK and EU countries may change once the UK officially leaves the EU, but that certainly won’t affect the coming season.

What about using my mobile phone abroad? Will roaming charges increase?

There will be no immediate changes to using your phone abroad, and there won’t be an immediate impact on charges. The UK Government will need to implement a new law on roaming charges after we leave the EU, but again, this is absolutely not a concern for this winter.

Do I need to get a new passport?

No. Until the UK officially leaves the EU, not sooner than two years’ time, there will be no change to passport arrangements.

Any other questions?

If there’s anything else you would like to know, or you’d just like to chat to our experienced Workaseason team – all of whom have done seasons themselves, and most of whom are heading back to the Alps with us this winter – please just give us a call, any time, on any topic, on 01483 79 10 10.


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